Armchair Travel 

Armchair Travel takes you around the world without leaving your home. Enjoy these virtual travel experiences and revisit somewhere you have been or explore a new place. 

Virtual Tour: Ruins of Pompeii

View some amazing sights in this tour of the Ruins of Pompeii. The video moves at a slow walking pace stopping to take in some great views. Occasional text along the bottom informs the viewer.

Visit Pompeii

Virtual Tour: The Secret Life of Corals 

Learn about Coral - what it does, how it grows, where it is, and why it's so great. Some beautiful under water shots in the video.

Visit the Dominican Republic

Virtual Tour: Borneo - The Symphony of the Rainforest

Travel to the Rain forest and learn about it's many mysteries

Visit Borneo

Virtual Tour: View from a Canoe - the Rain forest 

Go on a virtual field trip led by Tsimka Martin of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, to explore this beautiful landscape that stretches from Washington State to Canada’s Coastal British Columbia to Southeast Alaska.

Visit The Emerald Edge

Walking Tour: The Snow Forest

Enjoy the beauty of a fresh snowfall that has coated this deep wood. Take a slow stroll accompanied by soft piano music.

Visit Squak Mountain

David Attenborough’s Tour of the Great Barrier Reef

An interactive virtual tour of Australia’s Great Barrier reef developed by Sir David Attenborough, broadcaster and natural historian.  

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Google Arts and Culture Expeditions

Travel the world, go back in time, explore space, or learn about the newest technology all from the comfort of your home. Browse through the topics or search for specific things you are interested in and scroll through the interactive experiences. Where will you visit today?

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