The approach is as important as the activity

Activity Tips

This website contains a number of activities to help keep us all stimulated and engaged. Not every activity will work for every person and some activities may require modification or adjustment. It is important to remember that the activities are selected with a wide variety of people and skill levels in mind. You might need to try out a few before you find the ones you like.

If your loved one resists an activity, take a break. Come back to it later or ask how the activity can be changed to make it more enjoyable.

The following strategies can help to ensure that these are positive experiences for everyone involved: 

Prompting: If the person is struggling or becoming frustrated with not knowing what to do, offer cues or prompts. Also, offer reassurance and validation.

Allow Extra Time: People may take longer to do activities. Allow extra time to avoid any feelings of being rushed or pressured.

Be supportive: The goal of activities should be for the person with dementia to enjoy their time, not for the activity to be completed correctly. Again, offer reassurance and validation.

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