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Large Font Word Search Puzzle

Large font word search with answer key. Print and enjoy or do it together on the computer screen and see what you can find!

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Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Ten questions, ten answers, and nine Nursery Rhyme's to revisit and enjoy!

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Can you solve these body part riddles?

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Word Trifecta

Can you combine all the Trifecta's from these lists? Take one word from each list to create common sayings and phrases like 'Hook, Line and Sinker!'

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Family Feud Style Trivia

This fun video assembles some "Family Feud" style trivia questions - based on the hit game show. How many of the top answers can you get?

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Songs for Seniors

Playlist of songs for seniors to sing along to. 

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Twenty Two everyday objects - how many can you find?

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt #2

Twenty more household items to track down.

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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

For those who are able to take part this outdoor scavenger hunt is a great activity to combine elements for your body, brain and wellness.

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Indoor Gardening Acitivity

Using paper towel to germinate seeds at home.

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Crafting Flowers

Make flowers out of toilet paper rolls - all you'll need is scissors, some glue, and of course toilet paper rolls!

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Crafting Stone Mandala Art

A stone, some paint and a Q-tip to create these Stone Mandala art pieces.

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Printable Colour by Numbers

If you've got a printer and anything to colour with this lovely flower pot image is a great way to pass the time and brighten up your living space.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

This online resource of free jigsaw puzzles could keep you buys for days.
Spin the wheel on your mouse to rotate the pieces, adjust the number of pieces down to 8 pieces or up to hundreds. 

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